The God-Shaped Hole!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Nothing is Bad Stuff

The other day, someone asked The Internet Oracle an interesting question.

Oh Oracle Most Wise, who fathoms the true meaning of a lightyear,
What makes outer space so dangerous?

And in response, thus spake the Oracle:


Lots and lots of it. Going on darn near forever
in all directions. Oh sure, there's some dust
here, a planet full of sentient creatures there,
and a perfectly matched pair of G Class stars way,
way over there, but mostly it's nothing. And nothing
is dangerous. Think about a gun. See that empty
hole at the end of the barrel, the place where
nothing is? That is by far the MOST DANGEROUS part to
place upside your temple. Or your girlfriend, think
of her. If you ask her anything -- what's up or
what she's mad about or what it is she's thinking
of and she says, "Nothing" -- Dude, you are in BIG

Nothing is Bad Stuff.

That's why they put it up there in outer space, out
of the way, out of reach.

You owe the Oracle something.

You see, Nothing is the opposite of Something. Nothing is Bad Stuff, whether it's a logical nothing, such as not telling the truth, or a physical something, such as not stopping bad things from happening, or an emotional nothing, such as not having a better purpose beyond having people see your good work toward a good purpose.

Nothing doesn't exist (duh) until we make it partially exist. Then it seeks toward being nothing again until it is. Throw a ball up in the air. Nothing holds it up (no strength, no object, no anything holds it up), so it comes back down. But on its way down, it might hit something fragile and break it.

This post was more coherent in my mind. I have less ability to articulate it right now, so I should go to bed.


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