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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

If The Troops Come Home

Attention fellow peace-lovers.

This is what will take place, if the troops pull out very soon, with the current useless, divided, corrupt government still in place, the militias will fight each other, stuggling for the chair, the arab jihadists will fight for their so called "Islamic" state. The Iraqi christians will perish, the thousands upon thousands of Iraqis that worked with the coalition forces will be butchered. The normal Iraqis will be tortured and killed. It will be the utmost struggle for power. The Iranians will intervene and hakeem will give them the south on a plate of gold. The turks will try and get the Kurds. The central piece will be fought over by all parties. You will have burqa women roaming the streets, that is if they even can do that. You will see children being taught how to fight with guns and kill. Iraq will no longer be the land between the two rivers. Oh no, it wont be. The bloody Iraq today will even be more bloodier. More deadly.

These are the words of a woman living in Iraq. Her husband is helping to rebuild the country after Saddam's government was thrown out. She goes by the nickname Neurotic Iraqi Wife. Her blog reveals the desparation of the people of Iraq.

Nightly kidnappings, beheadings, bombings. Seemingly random detentions by Coalition forces. Yet for all this, she would rather the Americans stay to finish the job than abandon it to the thugs and looters that lied their way into office, via those purple-stained fingers that promised freedom.

Support the troops and their mission as long as it takes.

Sayid doesn't know how much better off he is on the island.


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