The God-Shaped Hole!

Thursday, June 09, 2016

Logos - God as Thought

Words represent concepts and/or impressions of things.  Words, originally, are attempts to transmit those concepts and/or impressions (or, thoughts and/or feelings) from one mind to another.

We use short or few words to convey identity, and long or many words to convey functionality.  I can say my cat's nose is moist, or I can say his nose is wetter than usual, dripping nasal liquids and causing him to sneeze.  The more words, the more functional a simulation is conveyed from one mind to another.  Those in the veterinary field are trained in the most simulative words to convey the condition of my cat's nose to another, so that they can treat the cat's condition together.

Computers are simulation machines.  You can tell one to compute 2+2, and if that math problem is meaningful to it, if it simulates a mind performing math by accurate rules, it will say 4.  If you have enough words of description in the appropriate programming language on the appropriate machine, it may even simulate a cat.

Jesus is the Logos, the Word of God.  The Son is infinite and almighty God, as is the Father.  This much is canon.  Jesus said that by knowing Him, we know the Father.

I speculate about theology, and everything beyond this point is speculation:

An infinitely accurate description of God would be indistinguishable from God.  It would be as active and powerful.  It would not be content to be a cold description, but would try to fulfill God's purposes.  And, being as infinite as God, it would fulfill them.