The God-Shaped Hole!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Power, corrupted

A god with infinite power is driven by something. God help us if it isn't love.
The atheist believes in power granted temporarily in an eddy of entropy, to be gathered back to nothingness as nothing usable. All power eventually gathered back into the hands of unchangable, unchanging weakness. This is the folly of America's war on poverty: she gives power to the powerless, who spend it on weakness, and return it to her, diminished. This is the metaphor of master and bondservant, that the master gives something to be grown and prospered, and by it both servant and master are enriched. This is the blasphemy of communism, that the government is the god, the sun, which burns out trying to prove its love, saying, "rely on me for life, I will gather you unto me and feed and shelter you," when she cannot forever. This is the rebellion, that a finite thinker believes himself to be smarter than Logos, more caring than Love, and through these, to be more worthy of His great might that never fails than He whose it has been forever.


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