The God-Shaped Hole!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Our God Is A Postmodern God

Our God values us above all else. He values our freedom and our well-being, in that order.

He is a bountiful infinity, springs of living water, a burning bush; He never stops giving, producing, pouring, burning.

He is the infinite source of truth, of love, of change. He gives innovation, wisdom, and life. He is Free Will, and we are made in His likeness.

He is a positive infinity. He is so innovative that He created beings with free will, out of dirt!

He gives us a simple choice; we can be with Him forever, or we can be in another place. We can be with the Source of all good things, or we can remain in a dying universe, immortal but without protection from the corrupted free will of others stronger than us in personality and power.

Yes, He values our free will so much that He's willing to let us be apart from Him forever, as long as that's our honest choice. But He wants you to be an informed chooser, before eternity starts.

The rules for the rest of forever are simple:
1. Don't harm yourself, anyone else, or be the type of person who does.
2. Acknowledge that He is the one providing all things to you, sometimes directly, sometimes through less obvious methods, especially free will.

That's it. If #1 is too hard, He has provided a way in: Jesus' sacrifice provides legal defense, and makes it possible for God Himself to inhabit you (like a Trill, or a Tok'ra), giving you the personal resources to become that type of person over time.

If you're not the type of person who accepts that kind of story, He'll still accept you, if you choose Him and trust that He's telling the truth about the necessity of that sacrifice. His net is cast wide, seeking all who seek Him.

There are those who seek Him, who don't know His name, but who value His ideals above all else. Don't be one who loses eternity by not learning of the one who gave you those ideals in the first place.

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