The God-Shaped Hole!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Man's Purpose and God's Tears

When God created man, He, like any good parent, wanted us to succeed. He gave us an intellect able to create the Space Shuttle, a body able to do Kung Fu, and a heart able to sacrifice oneself for another.

And yet, the first recorded thing we did with this tremendous potential -- was to fall. We used the freedom of sapience to kill ourselves.

After we fell, we continued to fall. We invented murder. We invented codependancy. We invented abuse. We invented cheating. We did everything we could to focus on playing in the dirt at our feet, and turned our back on reaching for the stars.

(And, in the metauniverse of literally infinite possibilities opened by God, even space exploration is just playing in the dirt at our feet.)

He looked on the world, and saw that man had, in a few long generations, become totally wicked, not worth saving. Except for one man.

So He told Noah to build an ark, and sent him the animals to save. And God wept.

He cried for forty days and forty nights.

We invented heartbreak.


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