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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Change and Stasis

Let me be more clear: God represents change, and Satan represents stasis.

Satan has convinced the world that this is exactly the opposite. And yet, what is power? It is the ability to CHANGE things, to make things not the way they were before.

In the Physical, change is "good" and stasis "bad", in the same way that in the Logical, true is "good" and false "bad".

This needs some minor modifications to fit the revealed truth, however.

First, though God the Father is the essence and master of Change, He does not change. After all, as He is infinitely powerful, infinitely smart, infinitely good, infinitely just, etc, any change would be to make God LESS than He is.

Second, though he serves stasis, Satan thinks he serves only himself. He is not content to serve stasis with the methods of stasis; he uses change to serve stasis. He knocks things down to their lowest energy level, he encourages entropy.

Third, though Change is one of the central aspects of God, another is Truth. Whatever is true remains true, unless the situation changes. For example, if the amount of water in a lake decreases, the number denoting its volume decreases. HOWEVER, the amount that WAS in it remains tied to the number representing its PREVIOUS volume. The same is true of actions that cause harm (sins). Murder (a subset of killing) is a sin, was a sin, will be a sin, no matter how much society changes. HOWEVER, if the situation changes such that a specific killing is no longer murder (war or self defense or the death penalty), then that specific killing is also no longer the sin of murder.

Thus, God appears to be static (His Word never changes, as He also does not), and Satan appears to be an agent of change (an angel of light): he got Adam and Eve to sin and get tossed out of the garden.

This confusion is rampant in Western Civilization. Eastern religions enshrine Change, though they do not know that they worship God the Father. Western governments act as a cancer, taking more and more resources from the productive portion of the body until the body dies, taking the cancer with it. Eastern governments are no better, because they are run by people too.

And the zombie sons of Adam and daughters of Eve remain agents of stasis. The Truth was nailed to a tree so He couldn't change the system. When He gave entropy the last bit of life in Him, it realized that it still had no hold on Him, because He had never worked for it. The wages of sin is death, but Jesus never worked for sin, so His paycheck bounced.

There's too much stasis in our churches today. As with the visible growth of a tree, it may look alive on the outside and be deadwood inside. Growth from within can survive the winter chill that kills the twigs and leaves. Anything ineffective in the church should be dropped immediately, and resources put to better use, effecting change.


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