The God-Shaped Hole!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Our God Is A Postmodern God

Our God values us above all else. He values our freedom and our well-being, in that order.

He is a bountiful infinity, springs of living water, a burning bush; He never stops giving, producing, pouring, burning.

He is the infinite source of truth, of love, of change. He gives innovation, wisdom, and life. He is Free Will, and we are made in His likeness.

He is a positive infinity. He is so innovative that He created beings with free will, out of dirt!

He gives us a simple choice; we can be with Him forever, or we can be in another place. We can be with the Source of all good things, or we can remain in a dying universe, immortal but without protection from the corrupted free will of others stronger than us in personality and power.

Yes, He values our free will so much that He's willing to let us be apart from Him forever, as long as that's our honest choice. But He wants you to be an informed chooser, before eternity starts.

The rules for the rest of forever are simple:
1. Don't harm yourself, anyone else, or be the type of person who does.
2. Acknowledge that He is the one providing all things to you, sometimes directly, sometimes through less obvious methods, especially free will.

That's it. If #1 is too hard, He has provided a way in: Jesus' sacrifice provides legal defense, and makes it possible for God Himself to inhabit you (like a Trill, or a Tok'ra), giving you the personal resources to become that type of person over time.

If you're not the type of person who accepts that kind of story, He'll still accept you, if you choose Him and trust that He's telling the truth about the necessity of that sacrifice. His net is cast wide, seeking all who seek Him.

There are those who seek Him, who don't know His name, but who value His ideals above all else. Don't be one who loses eternity by not learning of the one who gave you those ideals in the first place.

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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Three arguments

There are three basic arguments against Jesus and the Christian faith. Surprise, surprise, they match the three major ontological categories: Physical, Logical, Emotional.

The Physical arguments are against His existence or power, and generally include: God doesn't exist; God isn't infinitely powerful; there are many gods, each of vast but finite power; God exists only in the realm of the emotional, or in peoples' minds, and doesn't affect the real world; there are no supernatural events (miracles) because no such thing as the supernatural exists.

The Emotional arguments are against God's love or significance, and generally include: God doesn't love you; God is an abusive father-figure who punishes people on the smallest whim; God cares about everyone in general, but doesn't have time to get to know you personally; God doesn't want you to have free will; God wants to control every aspect of your life because He's a control freak; God is the bad guy.

The Logical arguments are against His truth, revelation, and intelligence, and generally include: God will take everyone to Heaven, whether they believe in Jesus or not; there is no one specific way to Heaven; God didn't write the Bible, people did it on their own; religion is diametrically opposed to science, logic, reason, and the mind in general.

These three main categories of arguments are the basic objections people have to the Gospel. Become versed in each of the arguments for Jesus, and you will be an evangelist extraordinaire.

Friday, December 07, 2007


I saw a movie tonight which God used to remind me that He loves me.

His love is so deep that He died for me, personally. I can't express how amazing that is.

I can't express just how revolting to me the mistakes are that people have made in trying to understand Him. He did not die for humanity corporately, but personally for each and every person.

He found a way to save everyone; He stands with outstretched arms, saying, "Come to me, learn to live, to grow and learn forever. Let me be your guide, teaching you from infinite wisdom how to make right decisions, and what things have true value and real meaning."

He started the Church, not to run people's lives, but to give us a place to be at home. He is the King, and His kingdom has free citizenship, no questions asked. Have you been a bad person, a mean and spiteful person? He will forgive you, welcome you with open arms, and help you to change, to become a better person.

He is choice, infinite choice. We are made in His image; we are expressly designed for choosing. From hands that grasp to a voice that speaks, we are built for freely choosing.

His greatest gift is free will. It is this He values about us above all: we can choose. He values choice so much that if someone says, "I don't want to be with you," He lets them. It breaks His heart, but He lets them.

Choose Him, because He has already chosen you, and is waiting.

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